Lygature is a not-for-profit organization based in the Netherlands. It drives the development of new medical solutions for patients by managing public-private partnerships involving academia, industry and society. Every day, Lygature brings together people in many different disciplines and organizations – to pioneer solutions in medical technology and pharmacotherapy, and to serve patients worldwide.

Consortia require many individual scientific and management activities in order to successfully translate research findings into patient benefits. The sheer complexity of public-private partnerships can often jeopardize very desirable R&D programs, and Lygature addresses this complexity. Our people are skilled professionals with experience in academic and industrial settings, regulatory affairs, data infrastructure, (scientific) communication, and more. They add scientific rigor, build trust, and ensure that all parties remain focused on the ultimate goal of the partnership: developing effective medical solutions for patients.

Independent third party

Lygature contributes its experience and expertise in many ways across a consortium, acting independently as a custodian of trust, and focusing entirely on making the collaboration work for the benefit of all partners. An understanding of all partners’ needs and interests is especially important – from large corporates and smaller companies to academia – and Lygature helps diverse MedTech and Pharma professionals to work together for the first time.

Scientific credibility is an essential component. Lygature’s people are educated and experienced in disciplines that range from disease areas (e.g. cardiovascular, oncology, infectious diseases) to science and technology (e.g. biomarkers, imaging, pharmacotherapy, drug discovery). They are able to work closely with principal investigators and teams in labs and clinics.

From start to success

A focus on translation means that Lygature helps to keep consortia focused on patient benefits, for example through our understanding of healthcare technology assessment and its implementation in early phase research projects. We offer a broad range of services for every stage of partnership:

  • Convening, initiating, and matchmaking
  • Planning and agenda-setting
  • Forming and managing consortia
  • Designing and implementing governance and processes
  • Mobilizing (public) funds
  • Project generation and selection (calls, reviews)
  • Portfolio management and evaluation
  • Program administration and reporting
  • Mediating and safeguarding partner interests (incl. Honest Data Broker)
  • Managing programs, projects, and infrastructure
  • Communication, HR, and IT

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