Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Services

The Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS) was established in 1992 as the research division of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Its mission is to carry out high-quality fundamental research in the pharmaceutical sciences. Specifically, to perform conceptual research focused on the discovery, development, and use of drugs. In addition, research scientists are trained in the field of the pharmaceutical sciences within the UIPS.

The scientific research of the UIPS centers on gene function and structure-function relationships of peptides and proteins that play a role in the recognition of molecules by the immune system and in signal transduction and integration in the nervous system. The guiding theme of this research is the discovery, development, and use of drugs.

The work done at the UIPS is pivotal to developments in the fields of chemistry, medicine, and biology. The research of the UIPS is thus positioned in a fascinating field of scientific investigation in which research questions are related to strong needs of society and in which the possibilities for research are increasing explosively as a result of technological developments. The research interests of the UIPS are in the middle of areas of fundamental research where major breakthroughs are being made. Research at the UIPS consists of five connected programs

Every odd year, UIPS offers the Utrecht University Excellence in Pharmaceutical Research Award.

The UIPS participates in the Utrecht Graduate School of Life Sciences of the Utrecht University.

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