Nederlandse Vereniging voor Klinische Farmacologie en Biofarmacie

he goal of the Society is to stimulate teaching, research and practice of clinical pharmacology and biopharmacy according to scientific and ethical standards and to promote a good collaboration between those involved in this field.

Clinical pharmacologists deal with research and therapeutic application of drugs in its broadest sense in the treatment of patients. In addition, attention is paid to drug studies in healthy volunteers, in particular in the area of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
The Society's members include registered specialists in internal medicine, registered hospital pharmacists and a variety of professionals with a biomedical academic education.

Each year the Dutch Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Biopharmacy organizes two scientific meetings where members present their research and a specific subject is discussed in a (mini)symposium.
One of these meetings is integrated in the FIGON days.
Once a year an award is presented to the author of the best Dutch Ph.D. thesis in the field of clinical pharmacology.
Separate scientific sessions are organized in collaboration with other scientific organizations, in particular the Dutch Society for Pharmacology.
The Society participates in the procedure for internists and hospital pharmacists to register as a clinical pharmacologist and is fully responsible for this registration of other people with a biomedical background.

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