Dutch Medicines Days: momentum for innovation

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We have moved! After years of discussion FIGON has decided to move the Dutch Medicines Days (DMD) from Ede to Leiden. Advantages include its accessibility and proximity to the Leiden Bio Science Park – as well as good options for the social part of the conference.

At FIGON (the integrative platform for innovative drug research in the Netherlands) we highly value good connections between industry, academia and government. Strong interactions between these stakeholders will increase the societal impact of Dutch drug research. DMD is the conference where all parties involved in drug research in the Netherlands present their findings, share new scientific content and strengthen their networks.

This year’s theme is ‘Innovation in pharmacological and pharmacotherapeutical research’. Many new developments are influencing innovation in our field. Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) open new doors in all stages from drug discovery to clinical practice. Other developments, such as options to intervene at the RNA level, quicker ways to screen promising small molecules, and the pressing need for new antibiotics all speed up innovation. These are exciting times in pharmaceutical sciences. Bringing together all bright minds in this field in the Netherlands – established as well as young researchers – the DMD will create momentum for innovation.

Attending the Dutch Medicines Days preparatory meetings with representatives of all FIGON member organisations is always a pleasure. Brainstorm sessions bring together people from many different backgrounds. The programme development process leads to new and sometimes unexpected collaborations.

Organising the DMD involves a huge amount of work – particularly this year, because of the change of venue. I would therefore like to thank TCM congress management and the FIGON DMD organising committee: Gerard Rongen, Linette Willemsen, Ingrid Dijkgraaf, Just Weemers, Stéfan Ellenbroek, Marc Ditmarsch, Mathijs de Kleer and Saco de Visser and all representatives of FIGON partners in the scientific committee for their enthusiasm and hard work to put together the DMD’s amazing programme.

I wish you two very exciting days in Leiden and I hope you will leave the DMD with lots of new research ideas – and lots of business cards!

Prof. dr. Anke-Hilse Maitland-van der Zee, FIGON President

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