Bypassing stem cells

Pascale Guillot, keynote speaker at the Figon Dutch Medicines Days, heads a London group that is revolutionising stem cell research. ‘It is not the stem cells themselves but their chemical products that have immense clinical potential. So why not focus on these molecules instead?’

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The battle between host and microbe

Jos van Strijp is investigating why MRSA is so clever at avoiding the immune system. ‘People have never realised that a bacterium might be able to fight back.’

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Improving drug safety assessment

Side effects of drugs are studied extensively. However, the predictive power of in vitro and in vivo tests is often limited. Several projects, presented in a Figon Dutch Medicines Days special session, are addressing this problem.

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Pecunia non olet

Geld stinkt niet. E lotio est. En toch komt dit geld uit dat vocht voort.

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‘The use of laboratory animals can be greatly reduced’

Coenraad Hendriksen, Emeritus Professor of alternatives for animal experiments, argues that much of the research carried out in the life sciences is quite possible without using animal models. Flip Klatter, director of the UMCG Central Animal Facility, does not fully agree.

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